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I create furniture which explores the interaction between natural flowing curves and crisp clean forms. Contrasting, yet complimentary, timber selections highlight these two elements whilst the highest levels of craftsmanship ensures each piece lasts a lifetime.


I've always had a passion for making things and a keen eye for detail. After finishing a degree in product design I sought out a career which would allow me to do both. After completing a taster course in fine furniture making was completely hooked. I went on to complete a course with Williams and Cleal furniture school in Somerset and haven't looked back.

I was selected by the Crafts Council as one to watch in 2016 through their hothouse program and have since been invited to show my work at some of the most prestigious UK exhibitions including Chelsea Flower show and Celebration of Craftsmanship.


The satisfaction of designing a piece of furniture, crafting it from the finest materials, finishing it to the highest standard and then delivering it to a customer who will appreciate it for a lifetime is why I love what I do. 


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